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Transform your home into a vintage winter wonderland with our serene Vintage Christmas Gallery! Ideal for those seeking timeless holiday charm, this set of 70 prints captures the magic of Christmas in the city, festive animals, greenery, and nostalgic typography.


Who Is It For?
🎁Vintage enthusiasts;
🎁Holiday decor aficionados; 
🎁Those looking to evoke the warm, timeless spirit of Christmas in their homes.


Why Buy Our Digital Prints? (What's in it for you?)
🗝️Timeless Elegance: Immerse your space in the elegance of vintage Christmas art, creating a cozy and charming atmosphere.


🗝️Versatility: With 70 unique prints, you can effortlessly rotate and rearrange your gallery to suit different areas of your home.


🗝️Nostalgic Warmth: Infuse your space with the heartwarming nostalgia of classic holiday scenes and typography.


🗝️Muted Tones: The prints come in muted tones for a subtle, sophisticated look, ensuring they complement any decor style.


🗝️Easy Printing: Crafted at 300 dpi, these prints guarantee pixel-free quality, allowing for hassle-free and high-quality printing.


🗝️Various Sizes: Print in a variety of sizes to fit different frames and spaces, offering flexibility in your decor arrangement.


🗝️Unique Collection: A curated collection, featuring Christmas in the city, adorable animals, greenery, and festive typography.


🗝️Instant Download: Enjoy the convenience of an instant digital download, allowing you to begin decorating without delay.


🗝️Gift-Worthy: Delight friends and family with a unique and thoughtful holiday gift that resonates with vintage charm.


🗝️Seasonal Joy: Infuse your living space with the joyous spirit of the season, spreading holiday cheer throughout your home.


Embrace the allure of a vintage Christmas and make this holiday season truly special with our Vintage Christmas Gallery! 🎄✨


How it Works:
1. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email notification and pdf instructions.

2. Click on the provided link to access the download page on Google Drive.

3. Click the "Download" button next to the pdf file format.

4. Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the file.

5. Once the download is finished, navigate to the designated folder on your computer where the file was saved.

6. Open the downloaded file using a suitable software or application, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files.

7. You can now print the wall art from the downloaded file using your printer at home or take them to a print shop (order online or bring in a flash drive).

Vintage Christmas Digital Gallery

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