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ove our  roucs

A Free 14-Day Challenge to
Unlock the True Power of Storytellingfor Your Handmade Brand!

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In This Challenge You Will:

Jennifer Wright Trout Lake Creations

Presented by Jennifer Wright,
Woodworking and Fibre Artisan of Canoes and Creativity
& Trout Lake Creations

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's uplifting "Love Letters to Myself," I decided to bring a touch of magic to the handmade community. In the spirit of Gilbert's self-love letters, I envisioned a unique twist – writing love letters to our own creations. Perfect for Valentine's Day! To infuse excitement and value, the challenge blossomed with imaginative prompts, charming vintage cupid fairies, and enticing prizes for active participation. Please join us in this delightful journey of self-appreciation and creativity!

Does This Sound Like You?

love your product challenge 8_edited.jpg

Here's What Benefits You Get From the Challenge


Inspire Engagement

Ignite conversations with your customers through meaningful stories.​


Craft Connections

Strengthen customer bonds by showcasing the soul behind your creations.​


Rediscover Your Passion


Purposeful Promotion

Craft. Connect. Captivate.

Reconnect with the love that fueled your craft's inception.​

Elevate your marketing by sharing stories that resonate.​

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How Does the Challenge Work?

  • Daily Prompts: Receive thoughtfully crafted prompts designed to unveil the unique stories behind your products, including Canva templates.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert tips and insights shared by Jenn, a teacher with 20 years of experience in the classroom, and 10 years of experience in the handmade industry.

  • Interactive Community: Join a warm community of fellow artisans. Share your stories, support others, find "your people."

  • Receive Valuable Resources:  Earn points by posting and by commenting on each others' social media posts, to be redeemed for handmade tools from the Trout Lake Creations Digital Shop.


🌟Ready to love your products on a whole new level? Sign up today and let your Artisan Magic journey begin! 🎨

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Get to Know Me...

I am a Mother of two wonderful teens, a Wife of a big teddy bear husband, and a Dog Mom to a sweet fluffy girl. I LOVE Northern Ontario, in particular our lakes and forests. When I'm not crafting, I'm reading (audiobooks these days) or bingeing shows like Games of Thrones, Below Deck (my guilty pleasure!), and The Morning Show. 


As an individual, I am Jenn (rhymes with Ken!)...a teacher at heart whose journey spans academics, sports, and the realm of creativity. My story unfolds in Ontario, Canada, where I became a dedicated teacher and, after facing health challenges, transformed into a local artisan and entrepreneur.

In my pursuit of empowering others, I've created a collection of digital planners, organizational tools, and creative printables, merging practicality with self-expression.


My unique blend of teaching, coaching, and artistic skills serves as a foundation for guiding women in establishing their brands and unleashing their creative potential. With unwavering determination and a belief in the extraordinary capabilities within each Creative, I've ventured into the eCommerce space, offering resources that empower women to overcome challenges, embrace their dreams, and discover the extraordinary within themselves. Plus, I make workshops fun!

Favourite Products

While I'm taking a break from making pretty things from wood and fibre, here is a peek at my favourite past Canoes and Creativity products.

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