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Hey there, fellow junior/intermediate educators! Have you heard about the latest addition to our classroom resources? It's called "The Chili Cheese Cowboys and the Cornbread Bandits Escape Game," and let me tell ya, it's a real game-changer for middle schoolers.


This escape game isn't just any old activity; it's a fun and engaging way to develop critical thinking and collaboration skills. Your students team up to solve puzzles and crack codes to outsmart those sneaky bandits and save themselves from "hanger," a truly terrifying tween trait ðŸ˜‰.


When can you use it? Anytime you need a break from the routine or want to inject some excitement into your lessons. It's perfect for those days when you're looking for an interactive activity that'll keep your students on their toes.


Where can you use it? Well, the beauty of this escape game is that you can set it up anywhere – in the classroom, the library, or even outdoors if the weather's nice. The possibilities are endless, just print and go! Note: you will need a tablet with internet for the final answer check.


Why would you use it?

Supercharge critical thinking: Dive deep into puzzles that'll make your brain sizzle! We're talking about analyzing, concluding, and solving like the detectives of academics.

Team up for triumph: It's all about squad goals! Get your students collaborating and high-fiving their way through challenges to conquer those brain-bending puzzles together.

Unleash the creative genius: Break free from the ordinary and let creativity run wild! Our games are like the ultimate playground for inventive minds, where students can explore, experiment, and invent their way to victory.

Engage like never before: Say goodbye to yawns and hello to excitement! With interactive, hands-on challenges, your students will be begging for more as they learn and have a blast at the same time!


Plus, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned Wild West adventure? So go ahead, give it a try, and watch your students' problem-solving skills soar! 🤠🔍

The Chili Cheese Cowboys and the Cornbread Bandits Escape Game

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