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Your All-in-One Black Friday Business Solution:

Attention entrepreneurs! Step into the enchanted realm of our Black Friday Handmade Business Bundle. This magical package includes everything you need for a successful holiday season: a captivating sales page, persuasive email copy, mesmerizing social media content, a strategic promotion schedule, 50 engaging Instagram posts, 30 captivating Instagram/TikTok stories/reels, a heartfelt thank you postcard, and 20 customizable email newsletter templates. Embrace the magic, and watch your business flourish effortlessly. Features include:


Canva Sales Page:

Crafted to perfection, this page will captivate your audience and turn visitors into loyal customers. Say goodbye to dull and hello to dynamic sales.


Social Media Magic:
Ignite your social media presence with our gorgeous content. From Instagram posts that stop the scroll to TikTok stories/reels that leave a lasting impression, our bundle covers it all. Engage your audience, boost your visibility, and watch your follower count soar.


Heartfelt Thank You Postcard:
Spread love, one order at a time! Our thank you postcard is not just a gesture; it’s a charm that turns customers into devoted fans. Personalize it, print it, and let your customers feel the magic of appreciation.


Infinite Email Possibilities:
Craft compelling emails with our versatile email newsletter templates. Whether you're announcing a sale, sharing exciting news, or expressing gratitude, our templates make your communication effortless and impactful.


So much more to discover in the bundle!

1. Enchanted Holiday Business Bundle
2. Magical Black Friday Bonanza
3. All-in-One Business Solution
4. Dynamic Sales Page
5. Engaging Social Media Content
6. Captivating Instagram Posts
7. TikTok Stories/Reels Magic
8. Heartfelt Thank You Postcard
9. Customizable Email Newsletter Templates
10. Effortless Business Magic
11. Enchanted Entrepreneur Toolkit


Product Details:
The Black Friday Handmade Business Bundle Includes:
  1. Captivating sales page design
  2. Persuasive email copy templates
  3. Social media content package
  4. Strategic promotion schedule
  5. 50 engaging Instagram posts
  6. 30 captivating Instagram/TikTok stories/reels
  7. Heartfelt thank you postcard design
  8. 20 customizable email newsletter templates


Product Specifications:
  - Suitable for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds
  - Easy-to-use templates, no design skills required
  - Instant download, start enchanting your audience today


Usage Ideas:
  1. Boost your sales with a captivating sales page.
  2. Engage your audience with mesmerizing social media content.
  3. Express gratitude and build customer loyalty with personalized postcards.
  4. Communicate effortlessly with customizable email newsletter templates.

Embrace the ease of seamless business marketing! Download your Black Friday Handmade Business Bundle now and witness the magic unfold in your business. 


Black Friday Handmade Business Bundle

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