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Why You Need a Burn-A-Long

For a few years I have been doing cross stitch-a-longs, where you sign up ahead of time and receive a portion of a cross stitch pattern in regular increments. There's an online community feel, and a forum to share work. It's fun to anticipate the upcoming surprise patterns, and it's attainable since you add in bit by bit rather than taking on a huge project in one gulp.

Here is a houseplant cross stitch-along I completed earlier this year.

It dawned on me this month that an online community something-along project is just what we need in 2020.

⭐️ Something to pull crafty people together to make human connections.

⭐️ Something easy that beginners can do.

⭐️ Something stunning that will be the envy of friends and family.

⭐️ Something FREE to encourage more people to join the #woodburnclub.

How exactly does this fit in with wood burning?


The format is perfect for a day-by-day project. Here's how it will work:

2) A limited number of supply kits will be available for purchase here, at It will contain 25 wood discs, a plank, sandpaper for mistakes, and hardware to hang the discs (on the plank) and the plank (on the wall). Supplies have been ordered and are on their way. You will need to supply your own wood burning tool. I highly recommend the Walnut Hollow tool, which you can order on Amazon or purchase from Michael's. (*WARNING* A cheap tool will only leave you frustrated because they do NOT get hot enough to burn a smooth line).

3) The last week of October, you will receive instructions for the course.

4) Starting November 1st, you will get a new rustic motif to burn each day. You can add any details you like. If you're supplying your own wood, the calendar could be all done on a plank, or on separate pieces like wood rounds.

You may NOT share the provided course material with anybody. Even though it’s a free course, participants needs to register.

5) Join our private Facebook group to share progress and ask questions. You'll receive an invitation.

Want a sneak peek? Here you go:

Can't you just imagine 25 of those rustic nuggets of goodness displayed in your home living area?

Start the car! You're going to rock this. Go sign up today!


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