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75 Funny and Engaging Classroom Award Ideas

Updated: Jun 8

funny and engaging classroom award ideas
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When I was in grades 9 and 10 playing junior basketball, our assistant coach, Mme. Filion, used to hand out these pencils at the end of the year. Each of us received an “award” which was written on the pencil in Sharpie, like “Rebound Specialist” or “Speed Demon.” You know, those yellow pencils with the pink eraser at the end? Nothing special, right? Let me tell you, they were COVETED. All of us girls were delighted to be recognized for our efforts, and couldn’t wait to hear which award each of us would be getting. This goes to show, money can’t buy happiness…but it can buy trophy pencils!

funny and engaging classroom award ideas
Gifts that break the bank or the teacher are not worth it!
When the school year comes to an end, as teachers often feel the pressure to provide gifts for their students, celebrating doesn't have to come with a price tag. There are numerous ways to create memorable experiences that are both fun and free (or almost free). This blog post series will offer various ideas, starting with silly certificates tailored for middle schoolers. These certificates will feature humorous titles and eye-catching graphics, ensuring that every student can find something they can "own."

The Importance of Celebrating Without Spending

Celebrating the culmination of the school year is important, but it shouldn't burden teachers financially. Free celebration ideas can be just as meaningful and impactful. By focusing on creative and thoughtful approaches, teachers can make students feel valued and appreciated. Moreover, these methods can foster a sense of community and achievement among students without the need for spending.

Let's chat about these funny and engaging classroom award ideas (spoiler alert - I'm a big fan).

The Pedagogical Benefits of Funny Certificates for Tweens

Silly certificates do more than just provide a moment of laughter—they have significant pedagogical benefits, especially for tweens. At this age, students are highly self-conscious and can benefit from positive reinforcement that boosts their self-esteem. The proof is in the pudding - if I can remember a trophy pencil I received over 20 years ago, it must have made an impact. Here’s how silly certificates can help:

🎠 Encouragement: Recognizing students with fun awards encourages them to continue positive behaviours and efforts.

🎠 Positive Reinforcement: These certificates highlight various strengths, promoting a growth mindset.

🎠 Community Building: Sharing laughs and celebrating each other’s quirks fosters a supportive classroom environment.

🎠 Social Recognition: Publicly acknowledging students’ unique traits helps them feel valued and understood.

🎠 Engagement: Fun awards keep students engaged and motivated, especially towards the end of the school year when attention spans may wane.

Middle school students are at that golden age where they really get a kick out of humour and being recognized. Funny certificates are the ultimate way to celebrate their one-of-a-kind quirks and accomplishments. With hilarious titles and eye-catching designs, these certificates will make students feel like total rockstars. The touch of mild sarcasm gives these awards a cool edge, setting them way above the kiddie stuff you see in primary grades.

75 Funny and Engaging Classroom Award Ideas

Click on the image below to access your list.

How to Use These Certificates
  • Teachers can print them out or use them digitally.

  • Present them during a class ceremony or distribute them individually.

  • Encouraging students to display their certificates proudly can boost their self-esteem.

  • Awards can be personalized with the student’s name and a brief note from the teacher to add a special touch.

DIY Certificates

Creating your own custom certificates is a breeze with tools like Canva. With its user-friendly interface and a plethora of templates, Canva makes it easy to craft certificates tailored to your unique awards. Simply select a certificate template, tweak the text to match the award title, and add any personal flair you desire. Best of all, Canva lets you download and print these certificates at no cost, ensuring a polished and personalized touch without breaking the bank. For a step-by-step tutorial on creating certificates, click HERE.

Teasing Additional Free End-of-Year Celebration Ideas

While funny certificates are a fantastic way to celebrate, there's a treasure trove of other creative and cost-free ways to cap off the school year. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts where we'll explore exciting ideas like talent shows, memory walls, and more. These suggestions promise to elevate your end-of-year festivities without denting your budget, ensuring a memorable celebration for teachers and students alike.


Who says celebrating the end of the school year has to burn a hole in your wallet? With inventive ideas like funny and engaging classroom awards, your year-end celebration has the chance to boost morale and create unforgettable memories.

If you're seeking a more streamlined and professional option, consider our premium digital certificates. Priced at just $12.99, these certificates come in both US Letter and A4 sizes and feature a customizable template for your awards. Ideal for teachers seeking a polished and hassle-free solution, these certificates strike the perfect balance between convenience and personalization.

Get your printable awards now! 

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