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Carnival of Curiosities | Trout Lake Creations | Canoes and Creativity

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"Hello! I support artisans, teachers, and creative individuals in enhancing their skills through innovative printable and digital products, so they can achieve their full potential and feel fulfilled."

B.A. Honours History & FSL, B.Ed. J/I
Additional Qualifications: Spec. Ed. 1, FSL 1, Reading 1

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Meet Jenn

Trout Lake Creations, led by the passionate entrepreneur, artisan, and teacher Jennifer Wright, is your sanctuary for igniting creativity and fostering growth. Committed to empowering educators and artisans alike, Jenn draws from her wealth of experience in education to offer invaluable insights and resources. Let Trout Lake Creations be your guiding light as you transform your passion into thriving enterprises and enrich the lives of learners worldwide.

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