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Trout Lake Creations is your haven for artisanal wisdom and resources. Dedicated to nurturing the dreams of handmade sellers, we offer a treasure trove of guidance, strategies, and templates to elevate your business. Let us provide the tools you need to transform your handmade passion into a thriving enterprise.

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Is This Roadmap for You?

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Curious about turning your beloved hobby into extra cash.

  • Dreaming of a shift from 'imposter' to confident artisan, proudly showcasing your craft.

  • Feeling stuck between the joy of crafting and the confusion of running a business, unsure how to turn your passion into a profit.

  • Feeling 'FOMO' (fear of missing out) when you go to a higher-end craft show.

  • Caught in the whirlwind of demands that come with a handmade business.


Unleash Your Artisan Magic:
Thrive During Handmade
Market Season!

You will unlock secrets I've cultivated over a decade of expertise. Picture a world where stress dissipates, profits multiply, and magic weaves through every creation. Brace yourself for a journey that will awaken all your senses and elevate your handmade business to unprecedented heights.

Let Me Take You On a Journey

Envision your creative odyssey as a magical quest led by fantastical creatures through an enchanted forest, accompanied by a delightful gem of a forest fairy. Currently, you might feel like you're navigating through the uncertain wilderness. It's that state of ambiguity, a touch of chaos, and perhaps a sprinkle of stress. But fear not! With the Artisan Magic journey, witness the whimsical transformation of the chaotic woods into an enchanting realm. With gentle guidance, your forest companions will lead you toward a realm of moonlit inspiration. Ready to unlock the charm and wonder?

The Roadmap


Seeds of Inspiration



Moonlit Imagination



Nature's Alchemy






Keys to the Queendom


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Some of Jenn's Creations

TIP #1

During phase 1, Seeds of Inspiration, you'll get tips like, "Bribe your kids to help you set up!" Just kidding...they should work for free. Ok ok ok, I'll be giving you REALLY good insights to make you more money, I promise.

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