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Welcome to the Junw Doodle Challenge!


✨ Spark creativity and imagination in your upper elementary classroom with our engaging doodle prompt cards and calendar! ✨


Product Details:

🖌31 doodle prompt cards and a printable calendar for the month of June, featuring 🖌Amusement Park-themed prompts.

🖌Printer-friendly version included for easy printing and distribution.

🖌Answer sheet provided for students to check their doodles against the prompts.

🖌No prep required – simply print and go!

🖌Fun and stimulating doodle prompts to inspire creativity and critical thinking in students.


When to Use:

🎡Bell Work: Start each day with a quick doodle challenge to engage students' creativity and focus their minds for the day ahead.

🎡Inclement Weather Days: Keep students entertained and productive during indoor recess or unexpected school closures with a doodle challenge.

🎡Morning Meetings: Incorporate a doodle challenge into morning meetings to promote community building and spark conversation among students.

🎡End of Day Wind Down: Use a doodle challenge as a relaxing activity at the end of the day to help students unwind and transition home.

🎡Brain Breaks: Integrate doodle challenges into brain break sessions to give students a mental break while still stimulating their creativity.

🎡Thematic Units: Align doodle challenges with thematic units or classroom themes to reinforce learning objectives in a fun and engaging way.

🎡Cross-Curricular Connections: Integrate doodle challenges across different subjects to encourage interdisciplinary learning and creativity.

🎡Reward System: Use doodle challenges as a reward for positive behavior or academic achievements, motivating students to stay on track.

🎡Substitute Teacher Plans: Leave doodle challenge instructions for substitute teachers to ensure students have a structured and engaging activity during your absence.

🎡Holiday Celebrations: Incorporate holiday-themed doodle challenges to infuse seasonal spirit into classroom activities and celebrations.


Don't miss out on this fantastic resource to enhance your classroom culture and inspire your students' creativity!

No Prep June Doodle Challenge

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