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Have you throught about sharing your skills via an online creative course and earning passive income, but have no idea where to start? With this guide, you will plan out your roadmap and create the course of your dreams. Designed for creative souls passionate about woodburning, watercolour, pottery, jewelry, Cricut/Silhouette, gouache, and hand-lettering, and other handmade crafts.


With this 45-page roadmap, you will be able to make an action plan to finally get your course created & into the world.


The education industry is booming, and the one-to-many business model is transforming people's lives all around the globe. For one of the first times in history, you can create a product and scale the sales of that product to the world.


Creating and launching your own online creative course will be a gamechanger for your business, and with this plan of action you will set yourself up for success to get your course done. Planning your course before launching is one of the most valuable tasks in the process, so get excited to jump in!

Product Details:


Part 1: Nail Your Niche

  • Unleash your creative potential by precisely defining your niche. Our planner guides you through the process, ensuring your craft resonates with your audience.


Part 2: Your Dream Student Persona 

  • Dive into the art of understanding your audience. Craft your dream student persona effortlessly, making your course content irresistible to those who matter most.


Part 3: Outline and Action Plan 

  • Transform your course vision into a structured plan. Part 3 of our planner provides a step-by-step guide to outlining your course and developing an actionable roadmap.


Part 4: Course Details

  • Elevate your course description game. Part 4 delves into creating compelling course details that not only inform but captivate potential students, turning curiosity into enrolment.


Part 5: Handmade Community Strategies 

  • Seamlessly integrate into the vibrant handmade community. Part 5 unveils strategies to connect, collaborate, and thrive within the artistic community, ensuring your handmade courses reach new heights.


🌈 Creative Process Unveiled: Immerse yourself in the magic of creation. From ideation to execution, our workbook takes you step by step through the process, transforming your ideas into a tranformation for your customers.


🎨 For Every Creator: Whether you're an experienced content creator or venturing into the digital realm for the first time, this planner is your key to course success. Designed for ease of use, it caters to crafters and artists of all levels.


🌐 Versatile Usage: Use this magical bundle for creating online courses, coaching tools, and captivating digital content. The possibilities are endlesss!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: Is this course planner suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely! Our bundle is designed for creators of all levels. You will need of course, a degree of craft or artistic skill to fill your course.


Q: Can I use the planner for commercial purposes?
A: Yes, you can use the planner to make a course you will sell online. But, you can NOT resell or share the planner.


Q: How do I access the digital file?
A: After purchase, go to your Etsy account, navigate to "Purchases and Reviews," and click "Download Files."


Q: Which niches does this planner serve?
A: It has been designed for online courses in the arts & crafts, creative education, fine art, etc.


Contact Us:
💌 Feel the need for a personalized touch? Contact us for more information on how to tailor this magical bundle to your unique needs.


**Important Note:**
This is a DOWNLOADABLE digital product; no physical item will be shipped. You will receive a pdf with a link to the planner in Google Drive. Colours may vary due to monitor settings. Personal use only; commercial use is not permitted. All copyright remains with the artist. 


Establish your authority as an expert in your field with our comprehensive Artistic Course Planner, designed to elevate your artistry and connect with your ideal audience.

Artistic Online Course Creation Planner

  • No returns or exchanges on digital items

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