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Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and since Ottawa is a coronavirus hot spot, we had to have our turkey dinner with just our household. On the sunny Saturday, my husband and I decided to clean out the loft of the garage, where I have been keeping my teaching resources since 2012. All 19 Rubbermaid bins. (For those of you who don't know me, I had developed chronic back pain from radiation and chemo damage. I'm now cancer-free for 8 years.)

As I started going through the bins, it hit me HARD. Teaching was my calling. Box after box was filled with units I had developed using innovative hands-on activities that got my students moving while they learned. I remembered overhearing one student whisper to another, “The kids in the other classes don’t get to do this stuff!” The memory of having to leave my dream profession, resigned to the fact that my body wasn’t capable of the physical demands of teaching. Getting rid of the bins felt like getting rid of a life I loved. There were tears.

I have been running Canoes and Creativity for 3 years now, and it's a pretty sweet gig to be able to work for a few hours every day doing something I love. It's not a bad jug of lemonade, you know what I'm saying?

That night I received an email. A woman in the Maritimes wrote this:

My daughter is planning to do your advent kit and we thought it would be fun to try doing this virtually together!....She is in Ottawa and we are always trying find ways to connect right now - and we both love crafts!
Happy Thanksgiving

It was a timely segue to this new life, filling me with gratitude. My 2020 goal was to help people use creativity to lead more fulfilling lives. Now I had a mother and daughter using the upcoming Burn-A-Long to connect across the country, despite Covid restrictions. Way to adapt, Maritime Mom!

Another Burn-A-Long participant is a 14-year-old girl aiming to develop some new skills, and I've been conversing with her mom, assuring that this is indeed a course perfect for beginners.

You see? When you take one of my online courses, there are tangible and emotional benefits. Take it from Moira, she knows what's going on:

There's still time to sign up for the Christmas Advent Calendar Burn-A-Long, which starts on November 1st.

Even if you're not into wood burning, you could use the designs for drawing, painting, or embroidering your own advent calendar. Adapt and create, show me what you got!

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