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Open Up Your

Full Potential

Subscription craft kits are all the rage and oh so good for your wellness! Jump on board this perfect pandemic DIY trend with modern wood burning projects.

This subcription is for you if you:

🔥  want to improve your wood burning skills but don't know where to start

🔥  struggle with finding modern images to burn at the appropriate skill level

🔥  find it difficult to source quality wood products on which to burn

🔥  are interested in connecting with others with whom you have something in common

🔥  realize you've got the pandemic blues, and NEED to do something for self-care

🔥  love the idea of having an arsenal of handmade gifts

🔥 want to treat yourself to a surprise art project in the mail each month

Mock Up.jpg

How It Works


Each month receive a trendy subscription box on the 15th, including DIY wood products and instruction valued at over $65. Commit for as little as 3 months.


We make it easy to nurture your creative self-care with pdf and video instructions, and an inclusive group forum to share and ask questions. Each project will have 2-5 design options. 


Most of our boxes will have functional pieces you can use in your daily life or gift to somebody else. Flourish in your personal growth - creativity begets creativity!

$65+ value

Only $49.99/month


Here are some sample products you could be making